Red Lentil Veggie Burgers

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

Hello and welcome to the very first blog post of my new website (how exciting!) Although things are constantly evolving and I’m sure this site will undergo some design shifts as we learn and grow, that’s all a part of the journey, and hopefully one example of the transparency and authenticity I hope this page brings.



If you have no clue who I am or why you you’re here, I’ll give you a quick cliff notes explanation: my name is Isabelle, and I’m a 21-year-old student and former small business owner of a prepared foods company specializing in salads. I’m currently pursuing food and branding photography as well as graphic design and am majoring in Marketing.



(Woof, I know that was a mouthful, literally). My food (and life) philosophy are this: I believe in whole foods, and health without restriction. I believe that everyone has a unique set of needs and therefore should find what fits for them. I believe in utilizing as fresh of ingredients I can find, but recognize the privilege associated with that option. Until we are all well, none of us are well, and therefore hope to bring some awareness to the cultural roots and contexts of which various dishes are from. I’m super excited to begin sharing some more recipes on this page and hope to connect with you all more regularly!



Ok, onto the actual recipe: (I realize 99% of you have skipped this part). These red lentil burgers particularly called to me as they are relatively inexpensive, super easy to make, and hold together extremely well (a rare feat for veggie burgers!) In all truth, I use them primarily as a vessel for more hummus and avocado, but hey, we all have our preferences. Onto the recipe!


Red Lentil Burgers~


- 1 cup red lentils, dry

- 2 cups water

- 2 small shallots or ¼ red onion

- 1 large clove of garlic, crushed

- 1 tsp salt

- ¼ tsp sumac

- 1 tbsp sesame seeds

- 1/8 tsp red pepper flakes

- ½ cup almond flour

- Zest of a lemon


Preheat oven to 375° F and line a sheet tray with parchment paper or a silpat. Rinse the lentils, place them in a medium sized pot, and place them on the stovetop over medium high heat. Once the lentils begin to boil, lower the temperature to a simmer and let cook for 20 minutes. Once finished, let cool for another 10-15 minutes. Place cooled lentils into a large mixing bowl with the shallots, crushed garlic, salt, sumac, sesame seeds, red pepper flakes, almond flour and lemon zest. Mix with a spoon (or hands) until combined. Optionally oil parchment paper/ silpat, and oil hands with a bit of olive oil or vegetable oil, scooping hockey puck sized amounts of the mixture, forming them into patties and placing on the sheet tray (should make about 6). Place in oven and let cook 20 minutes. Turn the pan and let cook a remaining 15 minutes or until the patties are firm. Let cool a bit, serve with hummus or other condiment of your choice, and enjoy!

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